Since 2014, I have done more than 200 interviews. I have spoken to an astronaut, a diplomat, a war veteran, a Holocaust survivor, an ethical hacker, a former nun, extreme athletes, nature conservationists, designers, activists, businessmen and scientists. All of them were people who had a fascinating life story or a unique worldview.

Today I focus mainly on personalities who have successfully devoted themselves long-term to environmental protection. And because I have found that such people are like a needle in a haystack, I publish one interview a month on this blog.

In addition, I work as a Czech-English copywriter focusing on interviews and blog articles. So far, I have worked for companies like UP21, South Moravian Innovation Center, MotivP, Luigi’s Box and Rascasone. I also teach a course called “Freelancing: How to Do Interviews for Blogs, Media and PR Agencies” at Masaryk University and do individual consultations on the Art of Interview.

In 2020, I published an e-book “Ask Great Questions, Get Great Answers: Your Go-to Guide to Conducting Amazing Interviews” that walks readers through the process of arranging, preparing for and conducting interviews, as well as text, audio, and video post-production and promotion. It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords. The e-book has earned really good reviews on GoodReads.

My articles have appeared in BBC, Mongabay, Sustainability Times, National Geographic Czechia, and Respekt.

Here is a list of my recent articles:

Conservationist Fights for Persian Leopards in Iraqi Kurdistan (Earth Island Journal)

In the Colombian Andes, a forest corridor staves off species extinction (Mongabay)

The long shot that saved Belize’s coral (BBC, Future Planet)

Thriving population of endangered monkeys gives hope to conservationists (Mongabay)

An initiative in Sumatra leads the way in saving endangered pangolins and slow lorises (Sustainability Times)

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