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Nature Solutionaries is a podcast about conservationists who do amazing things for nature and bring inspiration into our lives.

I’m Veronika Perková. I’ve always loved nature and admired people who protected it. I studied Environmental Studies, volunteered for different organizations and wrote extensively about conservation, sustainability and circular economics. I created this podcast to support inspirational conservationists and encourage listeners to do something good for nature. Click Play to learn more about this podcast.

Mazariegos & Pimm: Animals in Western Andes Can Finally Find a Date

In this episode, I am talking to Luis Mazariegos and Stuart Pimm about their successful conservation project in Western Andes Cloud Forest, in Colombia, one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet. Since 2008, The Hummingbird Conservancy, with financial […]

Lisa Carne & Maya Trotz: Belize Is a Shining Star of Coral Reef Restoration

Coral reefs provide food, coastal protection and livelihoods to a billion people worldwide. They are the planet’s most vulnerable ecosystem to climate change and are under threat from excess nutrients, overfishing and ocean acidification. Luckily there are amazing organizations like […]

Hana Raza: Fighting for a Better Future for Persian Leopards in Iraq

Hana Raza is a Kurdish wildlife conservationist who rediscovered the Persian leopard, once thought to be extinct, in the mountains of Kurdistan in 2011. She dedicated her career to establishing a program for conserving this globally endangered species.  In 2017, […]

Tilo Nadler: The Future of Langurs in Vietnam Looks Bright

In my February podcast episode, I talk to an amazing conservationist Tilo Nadler about: How Tilo managed to establish the only viable population of Delacour’s Langur in Vietnam What it’s like to negotiate an extension of an existing reserve Why […]

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