Since 2014, I have done more than 200 interviews. I have spoken to an astronaut, a diplomat, a war veteran, a Holocaust survivor, an ethical hacker, a former nun, extreme athletes, nature conservationists, designers, activists, businessmen and scientists. All of them were people who had a fascinating life story or a unique worldview.

Today I focus mainly on personalities who have successfully devoted themselves long-term to environmental protection or solving social problems. And because I have found that such people are like a needle in a haystack, I publish one interview a month on this blog.

In addition, I work as a Czech-English copywriter focusing on interviews and blog articles. So far, I have worked for companies like UP21, South Moravian Innovation Center, MotivP, Luigi’s Box and Rascasone. I also teach a course called “Freelancer: How to Write Interviews for Blogs, Media and PR Agencies” at Masaryk University and do individual consultations on the Art of Interview.

In 2020, I published an e-book Ask Great Questions, Get Great Answers: Your Go-to Guide to Conducting Amazing Interviews that walks readers through the process of arranging, preparing for and conducting interviews, as well as text, audio, and video post-production and promotion. It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Veronika Perková

IČO: 06473148