Lisa Carne & Maya Trotz: Belize Is a Shining Star of Coral Reef Restoration

Coral reefs provide food, coastal protection and livelihoods to a billion people worldwide. They are the planet’s most vulnerable ecosystem to climate change and are under threat from excess nutrients, overfishing and ocean acidification. Luckily there are amazing organizations like Fragments of Hope that have been able to achieve great results in coral reef restoration.

Lisa Carne is a marine biologist and founder of Fragments of Hope, a community-based organization that stands behind the most successful coral reef restoration project in the Caribbean. Dr. Maya Trotz is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida and a board member of Fragments of Hope

Together we talk about: 

  • How Lisa started coral reef restoration in the Laughing Bird Caye National Park in Belize 
  • How coral reef restoration works (methods, techniques)
  • What results Fragments of Hope has achieved in Laughing Bird Caye National Park
  • What makes the conservation strategy so unusually effective 
  • If this strategy can be used by other conservationists elsewhere
  • Why interdisciplinary approach to reef restoration is important
  • What challenges Fragments of Hope face

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Credit: Veronika Perková

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