Brazilian conservationist Micaela Locke

How Brazilian Conservationists Turned an Old Farm Into a Huge Buzzing Nature Reserve

When Micaela Locke looks back at the history of Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu (REGUA), she does it with a proud smile on her face. Thanks to the smart decision of her grandfather and an English donor, this former farm escaped the fate of many other abandoned rural places – namely, transformation into factories or a condominium – and became an 11,000-hectare nature reserve that is buzzing with life.

In this interview, Micaela Locke, the Research and Communications Coordinator at REGUA, talks about native tree reforestation, building corridors for wildlife, reintroducing tapirs and safeguarding a vital watershed for 2.5 million people in Rio de Janeiro.

Head over to Saving Nature’s website to read the interview.

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