Nadine Goodman interview

“We Need to Talk”, an interview with Nadine Goodman about things you won’t hear about reproductive justice anywhere else

If we truly want to liberate women, access to contraception is just the tip of the iceberg. We also need to feel comfortable talking about our bodies, our sexuality and sensuality, menstruation, post-partum depression, parental burnout and menopause. Because if we feel ashamed or embarrassed about these topics, we’re still being repressed.

That’s just one of many life lessons that Nadine Goodman has learned over the last 40 years running CASA, an impactful nonprofit that helps 80,000 people in central Mexico push reproductive health and rights forward every year. In this revealing interview, we talk about what needs to happen for women to be truly liberated and why it’s a good idea to take a holistic view of the health and well-being of women, whole communities, and the environment.

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Step by step, we can help women spread their wings and fly! Check out how one grassroots nonprofit in Venezuela has helped over 70,000 with family planning and reached over 80,000 young people with reproductive health workshops.

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