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How a Nature Lover Built a Conservation News Empire | Rhett Butler

When Rhett Butler created a website called Mongabay 25 years ago, he had no idea it would become one of the most popular webs about conservation. 

But it’s no wonder it did.

For years, Rhett Butler worked 100 hours per week. 

He wrote thousands of articles about rainforests and published tens of thousands of photos from his travels.

He lived modestly from his savings and often heard comments, like “You are crazy for not chasing money.”

But his hard effort has paid off. Nowadays, Mongabay has five offices, 90 in-house staff members and 1,000 correspondents in 80 countries.

Together with Rhett we talk about:

  • why he never gave up
  • how he avoided comparing himself with wealthier peers in Silicon Valley
  • how to focus on what matters and less about money, and MUCH MORE

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